Studying italian in Perugia


One of the peculiarities of Perugia is becoming known worldwide for hosting the “University for foreigners” which characterizes it as a cosmopolitan city.

On the square Braccio Fortebraccio, whose background is the solemn Etruscan Arch, stands the Palace Gallenga Stuart built in 1758. Nowadays the building hosts the university, born to satisfy the need of those who want who want to approach concretely to the italian culture and language.

The courses, organized in a quarterly manner, are divided into lessons focused on rudiments of the italian language and advanced courses for the learning of italian literature, history and art.
The University is attended by thousands of students from all over the world. They populate the social part of the city, they are deeply inserted in its society and make it cosmopolitan.
These foreign students who have attended the university, when they return to their countries, carry with them a memory of a country which hosted them with a strong sociability, this permitted them to live a unique experience.

Besides the university for foreigners organized according a atheneum there is another prestigious school for the learning of the italian language and culture, this is just walking distance to the historical centre of the city. This school is named “ Comitato Linguistico ” and it has a less formal and more familiar character; its courses in fact are attended by a smaller number of students who in this way come faster in the italian culture thanks to a guided and certainly more effective method.
These two schools make of Perugia a city consecrated to the welcoming of foreign people.

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In Perugia the teaching of Italian language and culture to foreigners is therefore the sign of the openness to the outside world and to different cultures which recognize, notwithstanding their diversity, a unifying element: the interest in knowing a new language but also the wish to know customs, history and traditions of a whole nation, the italian, which has within it the signs of a thousand year old culture.